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Condor Scenerien Overview

.... in alphabetical order (Stand: 30.01.2014)

12K Ridge 1.0 by D.Davis CondorClub
2Alberta Central 1.0 by VA6KW CondorClub
3Alberta South 1.0 by VA6KW CondorClub
4Alpi 2.02 by Bluangel56 Postfrontal, CondorClub
5Alpi* 3.3 by Bluangel56 Postfrontal
6Alps XL 1.0 by Cap CondorClub
7Alsace 1.1 by PBY CondorClub
8Andalusia 1.0 by JF Gombault CondorClub
9Antartica 1.0 by Speed Battle team CondorClub
10Appalachia 1.0 by Jack Hart CondorClub, GliderRacing
11Area 51 1.0 by Cap CondorClub
12Au fil de Loire 1.0 by Danpal CondorClub
13Austria2 2.0 by Cadfael Condorscenery (Cadfael)
14AustriaSE 1.0 by Cadfael Condorscenery (Cadfael)
15Bacchus Marsh 1.0 by Hippie CondorClub
16Belgien - Wallonie 1.0 by JF Gombault CondorClub
17Benabarre 1.0 by Raimondo Taburet CondorClub
18British Columbia 1.01 by David Regula (DMR) CondorClub, GliderRacing
19Bulgarien 1.0 by David R (DMR) CondorClub
20Catalunya 1.0 by JTS CondorClub, GliderRacing
21Central Alps 1.0 by Cap CondorClub, GliderRacing
22Central Florida 1.0 by Irlo192 CondorClub
23Central Germany 2.01 by Basti CondorClub
24Central Greece 1.0 by Esavvas CondorClub
25Central Italy* 2.0 by Blueangel56 Postfrontal
26Chile 1.0 by Lanos Breznai CondorClub
27Circus 1.0 by Nico CondorClub
28Cologne Dusseldorf 1.0 by Maddin91 CondorClub
29Colombia 2.1a by Daniel Velez and Alejandro Isaza CondorClub
30Colorado 2.0 by David R (DMR> CondorClub
31Condor-Club-Map 1.0 by Tony Dowd CondorClub
32Corse 1.0 by PLI - Phil CondorClub
33Corsica 1.1 by Sylvian2a CondorClub
34Czechoslovakia 3.0 by Cadfael Condorscenery (Cadfael), GliderRacing
35CzechRepublic 1.0 by Cadfael Condorscenery (Cadfael), GliderRacing
36Denmark 2.1 by Raimondo Taburet CondorClub
37East Andalucia 1.0 by Laszlo CondorClub
38East Hungary 2.0 by RR CondorClub
39Eastern Alps 2.0 by Mosquito CondorClub, GliderRacing
40Eden 1.0 by AW CondorClub
41Fayence50 1.0 by JF Gombault CondorClub
42Fitz Roy 1.0 by Xavier Delaborde (XDL)CondorClub
43Flutter 1.01 by Xiff CondorClub, GliderRacing
44Flying M Ranch 1.0 by S. Hess CondorClub
45Fuentemilanos 1.0 by CondorClub
46Fujiyama Japan 1.0 by Yhuki Nagasaki CondorClub
47GlacierPark 1.0 by Jack Hart CondorClub, GliderRacing
48Glacier National Park 1.1 by Raimondo Taburet CondorClub
49Glider Park 1.0 by Nico CondorClub
50Grand Teton National Park 1.0 By Raimondo Taburet CondorClub
51Grenoble 1.1 by RV CondorClub
52Greece 2.2 By Thanos 'pappy' Papant CondorClub
53Hahnweide 1.08 by Speed Battle team CondorClub, GliderRacing
54Hawaii 1.5 by F. von Leamy CondorClub, GliderRacing
55Haut Atlas Morocco 1.0 by JF Gombault CondorClub
56Highland IL 1.0 by Jmcleester CondorClub
57Himalya 1.0 by Lanos Breznai CondorClub
58Hood River 1.0 by David R. (DMR) CondorClub
59Hungary 1.0 by Jbreznai CondorClub, GliderRacing
60Island Hop 1.0 by RAF_Wolf CondorClub
61JasperBanff 1.0 by VA6KW CondorClub
62Jura 1.0 By Danpal CondorClub
63Jurassic Islands 0.04 by F. von Leamy CondorClub
64Kisogawa Japan 2.0 by Eugene Williams CondorClub
65LakeKeepit 2.0 by AlanM CondorClub
66Logan 1.1 by Leonardzl CondorClub
67Lonely Mountain 1.0 by Julian Botschek CondorClub
68Lost World 1.55 by F. von Leamy CondorClub, GliderRacing
69Lyon-Grenoble 0.72 by Snilmerg (Régis Martinez)CondorClub
70Makalu Range (China) 1.1 by F. von Leamy CondorClub, GliderRacing
71Massif Central 2.0 by JF Gombault CondorClub
72Mifflin 1.0 by Leonardzl CondorClub, GliderRacing
73Montague 1.0 by Chris Young CondorClub
74Mount Olympus 1.0 by Jono CondorClub
75Moriarty 1.02 by David R (DMR CondorClub
76Narromine 0.1 by AlanM CondorClub
77New Mexico 1.0 by D.Davis CondorClub
78NewZealand 0.8 by Mosquito CondorClub, GliderRacing
79Nevada 1.0 by David R (DMR) CondorClub
80Normandie 0.5 by G.BNT CondorClub
81North East Victoria 0.9 by Jwharington CondorClub
82Northern Norway 2.0 by AM Guettler CondorClub
83Oahu HD 1.0 by Flying Islander CondorClub, GliderRacing
84Omarama New Zealand 1.0 by SBinks SWB CondorClub
85Pacific North West 2.0 by David R CondorClub, GliderRacing
86Palmeira das Missőes 1.0 by Tiago Gava (dwbr) CondorClub
87Papua New Guinea 1.0 by Mark Paterson CondorClub, GliderRacing
88Parowan 1.0 by GliderRacing
89Patagonia 1.0 by Xavier Delaborde CondorClub
90Pays Basque 1.1 by Electron Libre CondorClub
91Peru 1.0 by Laszlo CondorClub, GliderRacing
92Porta-Westfalica 1.0 by Mosquito CondorClub, GliderRacing
93Provence2 1.0 by Agentschlegel CondorClub, GliderRacing
94Provence Oisans 2.0 by JF Gombault CondorClub
95Pyrenees 2.0 by Électron libre CondorClub
96Reinsdorf 1.0 by Neupi CondorClub, Reinsdorf
97Rieti 1.0 by Bluangel56 Postfrontal, CondorClub
98RioGrande 2.0 by Jack Hart CondorClub, GliderRacing
99Rocky Mountains 1.0 by Habo CondorClub, GliderRacing
100Romania 0.02d by MacSimc CondorClub
101Rouen-Boos 1.0 by JF Gombault and Rimaroc88CondorClub
102Sagarmatha 1.0 by Xavier Delaborde (XDL)CondorClub
103San Diego 1.0 by Raimondo Taburet CondorClub
104Scotland 2.1 by Chriss CondorClub
105ScotlandHD 1.0 by Chriss CondorClub, GliderRacing
106Serbia-Montenegro 1.0 by Macsimc CondorClub
107Sicilia 1.0 by DanPal CondorClub
108Sierra Nevada 1.1 by Jack Hart CondorClub, GliderRacing
109SlovakiaCE 6.0 by Cadfael Condorscenery (Cadfael), CondorClub
110Slovak Republic 1.0 by Cadfael Condorscenery (Cadfael), CondorClub
111Slovenien 1.03 by Condor Condor (Std.-Software Scenerie)
112SlovenienHD 1.0 by Cadfael Condorscenery (Cadfael)
113Soaring Island 1.0 by Marco Zöller CondorClub
114Sosa 1.0 by Sosasoarer CondorClub
115SouthEast Queensland 0.8 by Alanm and JWharington CondorClub
116South England 2.0 by Andy CondorClub
117South West Germany 1.02 by Hquint CondorClub
118Southern Sweden 2.0 by By Jim TheSwede Acketoft (graphics and map)
Ingemar Frohm (Programs and tweaking)
Mikael "Lillebror" Engström (thermal and forest map)
119Southern Norway 3.0 by AM Guettler CondorClub
120SouthTurkey 1.1 by Pavel CondorClub, GliderRacing
121Southwest Poland 0.5 by Maymar CondorClub
122Stirling Ranges 2.0 by Grant Rookes CondorClub
123Sweden/Gotland 1.02 By Ingemar CondorClub
124Sydney, Blue Mountains1.0 By Jfgombault CondorClub
125Ulster (N.Ireland) 0.1 by AlanM CondorClub
126UK VFR 3.0 by Tom Eagles/Andy CondorClub
127Uvalde 1.0 by David R (DMR) CondorClub
128Vancouver Island 1.0 by VA6KW CondorClub
129Virgin Island 1.0 by Raimondo Taburet CondorClub
130Vyscocina2 1.0 by Cadfael and JBr Condorscenery (Cadfael)
131Wales 1.0 by Chriss CondorClub
132WestAlpi* 2.0 by Blueangel56 Postfrontal
133Western Australia 1.0 by Grant Rookes CondorClub
134West Germany 1.0 By Sm4llie CondorClub
135WestSwiss 1.02 by Xiff CondorClub, GliderRacing
136West & Wales 1.3 by HeliumWings CondorClub
137YAlps 0.2 by Xavier Delaborde CondorClub
* = Payware
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